Hearing Solutions


Select the technology that brings out the best in your hearing

We offer a wide range of hearing technologies from many different manufacturers. And whilst major hearing solutions providers may be tied to particular manufacturers, we’re not – so as independent practitioners, we are able to make recommendations based purely on the benefits and features that will deliver the best results to you.

Touch – and listen to – different products; make your choice

All makes have certain characteristics and some will suit you better than others. With the help and advice of our expert audiologists, you can listen to several different sounds to help you decide which make you like best – and bear in mind that our audiologists are experts at fine-tuning hearing systems so that they deliver the best possible sound.   We work with all sizes and styles of hearing solution, including those with rechargeable batteries, those controlled from your mobile phone or hand-held remote controls, and tiny custom devices made to be invisible, and placed deep in the ear canal. Three of our most popular styles are shown below:

Deep in the ear canal

Total discretion and increased clarity, especially for meetings and social events. 

In the ear canal

Excellent results for moderate to mild hearing loss.

Miniature aid with thin wire

Instant speech enhancement, ideal for high-tone hearing loss.

Other hearing products


  • Shooting protectors – for game and clay pigeon shooting.(Incidentally, one of our audiologists shoots and wears ear protectors, so we have particular in-house expertise in these products!)

  • Tiny, invisible ‘Wi-Fi smart technology’ custom-made speech enhancers. These require taking an impression from deep in the ear, in order to model the finished product, and we have had extra high-level training in the skills needed to take these impressions with absolute accuracy and total client comfort.

  • Noise protectors for noisy occupations
  • Ear impressions for custom moulds – for swimming, better sleep, and noise reduction

  • Broadcasters’ and pilots’ moulds, motorsport communicators

  • Musicians’ attenuators and iPod moulds

  • Covert listening and two-way communications devices

We can recommend which ever make and style of instruments best suits each individual, and gives the best value for money, rather than being associated with, or owned by, any one manufacturer.

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