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Ear health and hearing assessments

Your ears will be examined for general health, skin and tympanic membrane (eardrum) condition, middle ear pressure, ear wax, congestion and infection. Your hearing will also be assessed for how loudly and clearly you hear, and your hearing frequency range. All appointments are with Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) Registered Audiologists, and take around 30 minutes. You’ll receive a chart of your results, which you can keep – and you’ll receive a full explanation of your results.

Ear wax removal

Using sophisticated micro-suction techniques, we can gently and painlessly remove ear wax and clean ear canals, often with instant and brilliant results.  In many cases, no pre-treatment oil need be applied and we can usually carry out treatment at our regular clinics on the same-day that you book. Our techniques are safer and more comfortable than syringing, there’s no waiting list, and no lengthy period of applying oil into the ears.

Recommending the right hearing solution

If your hearing has altered or diminished over the years, we’re likely to recommend technological hearing solutions from our wide product range. Where we recommend hearing solutions, improved speech clarity will be the aim, as well as improved hearing of certain frequencies, which can diminish as we grow older. These hearing enhancements will often minimise the need simply to make things louder, which is usually not the right solution. And since we have so many products in stock, many fittings can be undertaken on the same day, so that after visiting us just once, you can go home with a new hearing device – and hear better immediately.

Tuning your hearing device for the best sound delivery

There’s a wide range of high-quality hearing devices on the market, with different benefits and features for different types of hearing loss. We have extensive experience in selecting the hearing solution that best suits individual hearing needs – and we commit to in-depth training on new products as they’re launched, so that we can then custom-program (or ‘tune’) devices to get the best results for delivering the right kind of sound to the ear. Every hearing system that we supply you with comes with an unlimited aftercare service. This includes: several scheduled appointments in the first couple of months, to assess your progress and for fine tuning; routine appointments every six months to check ear health and product maintenance; a 9am to 5pm telephone helpline, and an open-door invitation to pop in any time that you need us.

The end result obtained from any hearing instrument is only as good as the technical expertise of the audiologist fitting it – and at Alderley Hearing Solutions, we take pride in providing the very highest standards of excellence.

We can recommend which ever make and style of instruments best suits each individual, and gives the best value for money, rather than being associated with, or owned by, any one manufacturer.

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Waters Green House,
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