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Hearing Health

"When you lose eyesight, you reduce contact with things. When you lose hearing you reduce contact with people"

-  Helen Keller - deaf and blind American author & politician, born 1880

From the age of 50 onwards, our hearing becomes less clear, however we don’t realise it because we don’t know what we don’t hear – we only know what we hear.

Most hearing loss begins with a loss of clarity where you know when someone is taking but you don’t know what is being said.

You don’t need extra volume , just extra clarity!

This is why traditional hearing aids which amplify all sound including background noise, are not helpful.

When you can hear better, people won’t seem to mumble anymore; conversations will be easier to hear, understand and participate in (even in crowded places).  You will be more relaxed and able to participate in life with confidence, enthusiasm and enjoyment.