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Ear health & hearing assessments

When you arrange a hearing test, your ears will be examined for their general health, skin and tympanic membrane ( ear drum) condition as well as the middle ear pressure, ear wax, congestion and any infection.

Your hearing will be assessed how clearly you hear and your hearing frequency range.

All our appointments are with Health and Care Professional Council ( HCPC) Registerd Audiologists.

You will receive a chart of your results and a full explanation of your results.

3 minute Online hearing test

By taking our online hearing test in just a few minutes we can give you an idea of how well you’re hearing.

You will need headphones for this test.

Please be aware that this test is not a diagnostic clinical hearing evaluation and is not designed to replace a professional hearing test.

Ear wax removal

Using sophisticated micro-suction techniques, we can gently and painlessly remove ear wax and clean your ear canals.

Our techniques are safer and more comfortable than syringing with no lengthy period of applying oil into the ears

There’s no waiting list, we can usually carry out treatment at our clinics on the same day you make an appointment

Recommending the right hearing solution

The “best ” hearing system for one person is probably not the “ best” hearing system for another. As independent hearing specialists, our role is to act as an adviser to help you identify the most suitable:

  • Style
  • Technology level
  • Sound platform
  • Size
  • Discreet colour

And then identify which manufacturer offers you the best value. And even then it won’t be the “best” for you until the programming and fine tuning is personalised accurately! We specialise in programming and refining all makes and styles. Its what we are very good at!

Tuning your hearing device for the best sound delivery

Our highly experienced audiologists have extensive experience in selecting the right hearing solution for your needs and then being able to custom program the device to deliver the right sound to your ear. Each hearing device we supply comes with an unlimited aftercare service which includes scheduled appointments to assess your progress and for fine tuning.