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Clinics in Alderley Edge, Macclesfield, Altrincham & Hale

Why Choose Us

My name is Helen, founder of Alderley Hearing Solutions. I am an HCPC Registered Audiologist and have been improving Cheshire peoples lives with better hearing for over 30 years. My key policy of remaining independent, always providing top quality care, providing an unbiased opinion and surrounding myself with a like minded, caring professional team, has ensured our enduring success.

As such, we now have 4 centres throughout Cheshire, all of which have ‘Centre of Excellence ‘ status.

You can find us at: Alderley Edge, Hale, Stockton Heath and Macclesfield

Meet the Team

Helen Tenwolde – RHAD, HCPC Registered
An audiologist with experience in electronics manufacture for hearing aids, noise damage prevention in industry, and busy modern clinical practice. A firm advocate of not wasting mental energy on unnecessarily straining to hear. A believer in customer care excellence. Always a solution seeker.

Christopher Wood – RHAD, HCPC Registered
An audiologist with a passion for the technology he plays with each day, and a delight in improving clients’ quality of life through improved hearing. In his audiology degree his specialist subject was the technology behind speech clarity to noise ratio, (speech clarity in difficult and noisy environments) and he retains a keen interest in every development in this field.

Neil Jeffrey – BAAT  and HCPC Registered

Neil is a Specialist Audiologist with over 20 years of experience in both hospitals and private clinics, specialising in difficult losses, paediatrics and prescription match excellence. Neil is fun loving, a devoted family man and a cricket enthusiast. He understands how poor hearing can cause you to miss out on life’s precious moments and his greatest satisfaction comes with helping with these issues.

Phil Haney – BSc, IDM, MBA
A strategist with an eye on excellence, he is steering our ship through tight quality controls in all areas. A level, unflappable influence whose glass is always adequately full. It doesn’t rain on Phil’s parade.

Alison Ellis – Hearing Health Technician & Practice Manager
Audiology support and client services, passionate about ensuring each individual client’s journey through our door is pleasant and truly beneficial. In private life, a keen athlete and runner, including a 35 mile charity run each July. This zest for life and energy comes with her to work as well.

Gemma Statham – Diary Manager and clinical support
Perhaps best described as a juggler, ensuring each clinic runs as smoothly and effectively as possible, mindful of the needs of both client and audiologist, and always with a smile. A skilful tennis player who has played for Cheshire – offering hard hitting levels of service both in and out of work!

What we offer

  • Impartial, independent & unbiased advice on which hearing aid will be best for you; we are not limited by being tied in with any one manufacturer
  • In-house expertise in precision programming to ensure the best results (your hearing aids can only be as good as the programming and fine-tuning skills of your professional audiologist)
  • ‘Accredited Excellence’ status due to our high level of technical expertise and clinical care
  • Full after-sales fine tuning and service for the life time of your product
  • Evening appointments and home appointments can be arranged
  • Wide price range from budget basic digital , through to top end ISP “smart” wi-fi speech specific technology
  • Full range of rechargeable aids – no more fiddly batteries
  • All makes supplied, repaired, serviced and programmed

A Wide Selection of Modern Hearing Aids​

Modern hearing aids are all individually programmed. They are therefore only as good as the skill of the audiologist doing the programming. This is why we insist on higher levels of programming training for all of our staff, and is why we get consistently good results.

We take great pride in:

  • Our high level of audiology and programming expertise
  • Being able to provide bespoke hearing solutions for difficult losses
  • Tiny, hidden devices for straight forward losses where an improvement in speech clarity is the only issue
  • We only ever recommend the hearing aid which is best suited for you, acting impartially in determining which manufacturer offers the best product and price for you.
  • Our outstanding after-care, where we offer the highest client satisfaction in the UK.